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Spaghetti Squash

spaghetti squash

I first came across spaghetti squash early last year. I don’t remember exactly what led to it, but I think I was trying to find a pasta substitute that wouldn’t make my husband barf.

Thanks to the omnipotent Google, I came across this excellent recipe by Martha Rose Shulman. It looked pretty easy, so I thought I’d try it. It turned out GREAT. So now I use it in place of pasta pretty often, and I’m thinking of trying a variation that would work with Asian dishes as well.

I loved it so much that I talked about it on my main blog at the time. Since I’ve cooked it quite frequently since then, here are my updated tips:

1. Martha tells you to run a fork through the flesh to separate the strands, after you’ve cooked and cooled the squash. I’ve found that this is not necessary; once you scoop out the seeds, the flesh will automatically separate into threads as you spoon it out.

2. Definitely pre-cook a couple of squashes at one go (after you’ve tried it and love it, of course, otherwise it’s a waste of money and refrigerator/freezer space). Assuming you have a decent size oven, the pre-cooking won’t take you any longer if you cook two as opposed to one squash.

Image: Macheesmo via Flickr, Creative Commons

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